March 2022: “Ancient and Forever” – Musician J.P. Cormier honours Miꞌkmaq First Nation People!

Created during the Fall and Winter of 2020 by students, teachers and guests from across Cape Breton Island “Unama’ki”, NS, Canada, singing to “Ancient and Forever” by songwriter JP Cormier.
Produced by: Carter Chiasson and Nicole Deveau
Music Production: Carter Chiasson and Mac Alasdair Dhùghaill
Audio Production: Carter Chiasson, AJ Boutlier, JP Cormier
Video Production: Nicole Deveau and Carter Chiasson
Audio Mix: Jamie Foulds

In the summer of 2021, verification of children’s remains at former Indian Residential Schools led to the acknowledgment of the first 215 “rediscovered burial sites”, that  shocked our nation. The “215” became a symbol and a horrendous reason why more settlers have learned the truth about  relationships between Original Peoples and the government of this country, now know as Canada.  

We requested and were granted permission from JP Cormier, to include his song Ancient And Forever  from his CD – Now The Work Is Done – that honour’s Miꞌkmaq First Nation People on our web-site. This would, in our opinion, offer non-Indigenous people  a significant acknowledgement of Original People’s concern for the land.

JP Cormier performed in Uxbridge Music Hall, Ontario a number of years ago at the invitation of Silver Birch Charity Concert when all proceeds were going to **Art’s Can Circle.

We honour the memory of Tom McCreate for creating this Annual Silver Birch Charity Concert Series in support of ArtsCan Circle.

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