January 20, 2021: TVO Television Panel Discussion Wed Jan 20/21
Moderated by Steve Paikin “Is Reconciliation Dead?”

Link Here to On Line 4 person panel discussion

My E mail to Liane Kotler – Program Producer; Comments from Barbara:

Aniin Boozhoo Hello,

I’m settler living on the land of the Hodinohso:ni & Anishinaabe Nation about an hour drive north from Toronto. My story is available to read on the home page of the web site linked below. Our collective’s mission statement is: Maamawi Collective Mission Statement: – Uxbridge, Ontario. We have been inspired by TRC Call to Action 53, Part 4. to: “Promote public dialogue, public/private partnerships, and public initiatives for reconciliation” in support of a National Council for Reconciliation. To this end we created a facebook page and web site, hoping to inspire other settlers to recognize that …the work of reconciliation is the work all settlers…

We are guided by in-person meetings and ‘phone and e-mail conversations with a number of members of First Nations, who live, work and play among us. We thank them for their stewardship of This Land, for thousand and thousands of years, taking only what they needed, leaving abundance for those who follow after.

I’m not sure how much “info” you you wish to see so I’ll finish with a simple statement that Maamawi Collective continues to fundraised in our Small Town Ontario – Uxbridge community as acknowledgement or Orange Shirt Day and MMIWG2S Peoples.

In response to your program title: Is Reconciliation Dead? I offer a respectful comment: If Canadian’s (settlers) just wait for 3 layers of government to “do the work” then I agree with your three members of First Nations panel speakers that not enough has changes in the five years since TRC closed. Related to the mission statement our collective adopted in October 2020, we accept that “public” means general population, people and communities and that’s why Maamawi Collective was created in January 2018.

Our web site: https://maamawicollective.ca/