April 2020: Grassy Narrows Letter to the Editor

Letters To The Editor:

In March this year, Maamawi Collective’s Facebook page carried a response to Federal Minister of Indigenous Services, Marc Miller’s announcement that funds have been allocated to Grassy Narrows First Nation. Clicking on the link below this article offers recent information. Resulting from the post an facebook we were happy to receive a message from Doris Ames, a non-indigenous resident of Manitoba, now living in USA. The message contained family photographs of time spent at Grassy Narrows in the early 1960’s.

This message is in response to Maamawi Collective’s notes about Grassy Narrows on social media and the fact that MP Marc Miller has signed a deal to build a mercury poisoning care home in Grassy Narrows.

Hi Barbara,
I’m glad the photos arrived. I am non- Indigenous and was born in Manitoba in 1944 in East Braintree Manitoba. My father immigrated from Germany in 1927 and my mother was of English extraction and born in Rivers, Manitoba. My first husband Barrie Walker and I used to go fishing and camping in the Grassy Narrows area in the early 1960’s. Recently my son was organizing and digitizing all my old photos and I found these again. They were taken with one of the first colour Polaroid cameras.  I thought perhaps someone would like to see how beautiful it was then. Maybe I will get back myself someday and see how it looks now. As you can see from my Facebook page I live in Winnipeg.

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