March 2020: Anishnaabe World: A Survival Guide for Building Bridges between Canada and First Nations

In every walk of Canadian life–from business to education to the everyday–the reality is that increasingly you will be in contact with Anishnaabe World. Knowing something about Aboriginal people and their reality not only gives you an advantage over those who don’t, it’s just plain polite in this country now called Canada.

In the spirit of Thomas King, Drew Hayden Taylor and Tomson Highway, Roger Spielmann’s Anishnaabe World is an irreverent, teasing, hilarious, yet cross-culturally astute “Survival Guide” for Canadians increasingly aware of our country’s chequered past relations between Natives and non-Natives. Chief Ovide Mercredi says, “I challenge the reader to really listen to what Roger Spielmann’s saying.” Learn More.