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Acknowledging the
Land of the First People,
Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe

We don't offer a Land Acknowledgement to be "Politically Correct",
We do it to be Culturally Responsible.

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Updated: Oct. 20/2019

Aboriginal Veterans Poppy/Pin

Mamaawi Collective is now selling the Aboriginal Veterans Poppy Pin.

The Royal Canadian Legion has chosen to recognize Canada’s Aboriginal Veterans and the significant contribution they have made through our long history and that they continue to make today. This commemorative pin presents the Legion Poppy on the centre of a dreamcatcher, their coupling acknowledging the efforts and sacrifices of Veterans from all of our Aboriginal Communities. For More Info:

Proclamation Presentation June 21/2019

Barbara Blower of Mamaawi Collective, Matthew Stevens Cultural Coordinator of MSIFN, receives the official Township of Uxbridge proclamation from Mayor Dave Barton, along with Michell Evans First Nations resident of Uxbridge.

My address to council

Monday, June 17, 2019

Good Morning Everyone!
My name is Barbara Blower and I am here representing Maamawi Collective

Maamawi Collective is “A Collective of Volunteers”, Who strive to provide a source of information and create positive connections with “First Nation, Métis, and Inuit People”

We acknowledge the many local groups and individuals who have a strong commitment to indigenous communities in Ontario and have also been working on various projects for many years.

I offer sincere thanks to our Mayor and Council for issuing their proclamation and for this opportunity to acknowledge :

NATIONAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY - June 21. Recognized as Summer Solstice.

I am learning that Indigenous is an overall term and that it is respectful, in verbal and written conversations, to ask First Nation, Métis and Inuit people how they wish to be addressed.

In January this year I asked this council to consider TRC Calls to Action # 53 iv, which, in part, ask’s companies, community groups and individuals to:-
Create First Nation, Métis and Inuit Acknowledgements.

I am so pleased that our council has adopted a Land Acknowledgement that is now read at each regular Council Meeting and there is also a newly created logo featuring the feather. I’m told that this logo will begin to populate the townships’ print and digital media in the coming months. I believe these acknowledgements happened through consultation with Chief Kelly LaRocca, Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation, our neighbors, just up the road, in Port Perry.

I am honored to speak on behalf of Maamawi Collective and in closing, I ask that you imagine, with me, a door-way. It’s about 500 years old!

450 of those years - the door opened one way!

Beginning about 50 years ago - the door began to be pulled back - starting with discussions about the residential schools.

Today we find many conversations happening, creating more awareness of Canada’s history.

What will be accomplished towards Reconciliation in the coming years is dependent on what we write on that door today…


Thank You for your time and attention today. Chi-Miigwetch

Barbara Blower
Maamawi Collective

Uxbridge Times Journal Coverage
Proclomation Piece by Moya Dillon

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Entering Uxbridge on Hwy 47 we are pleased to have the following message on the
electronic sign in place untill June 30/19


Orange Shirts Being Delivered
Our first order of ORANGE SHIRTS has been distributed around town. Don't know what Orange Shirt Day is all about ? Ask anyone whos’ wearing one!
SAVE THE DATE - Sunday September 2019

Grants Preserve Indigenous Culture in Canada
Library and Archives Canada ... more info
The Listen, Hear Our Voices initiative offers funding and digitization services to preserve Indigenous culture and language recordings. Grants of up to $100,000 are provided to digitize existing Indigenous culture and language recordings and to build the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to digitize and preserve these recordings. Nonprofit Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, or Métis Nation) organizations are eligible to apply. Applications must be submitted by July 17, 2019.

Defeat Depression
“More than a 100 Defeat Depression Warriors walked The Country Side Preserve to end the stigma of mental illness" - Jill Thomas
Welcome, Jill Thomas, spokesperson for Defeat Depression - Uxbridge Walk and Chi-Miigwetch for inviting me to offer the Land Acknowledgement at your event on Sunday June 9/19. I understand there were more than 100 participants. A number of folks asked me ..."what is a Land Acknowledgement” and "why do I do it" as a "None Indigenous Citizen of Canada! I was so pleased to be have these converstaion and explain...So! Your event had
many, many messages! Barbara.

Left to right
Const. B. Campbell DRPS, Barbra Blower - Invited to give Land Acknowledgement on behalf of Maamawi Collective,Const D. Redwood DRPS, Uxbridge Mayor Dave Barton, Jill Thomas - Spokesperson - Defeat Depression - Uxbridge Walk


Aniin - Hi Everyone,

Maamawi Collective has been granted a proclamation by THE TOWNSHIP OF UXBRIDGE, recognizing NATIONAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY at their council meeting on Monday June 17/19 at 10:15 AM.

I have spoken with a representative of MISSISSAUGAS OF SCUGOG ISLAND FIRST NATION and extended an invitation to attend, and I believe he (they) will be with us.
Uxbridge residents who are members of First Nation and Métis will receive the proclamation from our Mayor Dave Barton.
On behalf of Maamawi Collective, please accept this as your invitation to join us.

June is National Indigenous History Month

National Indigenous History Month is a time to honour and recognize the contributions made by the First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in the shaping and strengthening of our communities, provinces, territories and country as a whole. It is a time to thank all the generations of people who took care of this land for thousands of years, as they were the first to inhabit and connect with it.

June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a day to celebrate the First Nations, Inuit and Métis people, and each of their distinct heritages, languages and spiritual beliefs. You can take part in celebrating by learning about Indigenous heroes, visiting local Indigenous sites, taking in a traditional dance or drumming performance, or honouring Indigenous veterans.
You can consult your local Friendship Centre for further ideas and guidance. If you’re hosting your own event for National Indigenous Peoples’ Day be sure to use #NIPDCanada when promoting it on social media, to be part of the online conversation and community.

Learn More

Church of the Ascension Events:
Doctrine of Discovery.
Stolen Lands, Strong Hearts, a documentary film and study discussions, spread over two sessions. First installment Monday May 27, 4pm-5:30 pm, held in church sanctuary. Documentary produced by the Anglican Church of Canada. Bring friends or neighbours. All welcome. Date of second part TBA.

Dave Mowat, MSIFN (Misssissaugas of Scugog Island First Nation) is coming to speak at the church on Monday June 10 at 4pm. He will speak about issues around Truth and Reconcilliation, the history of the MSIFN, the Williams Treaties, and touch on land acknowledgements.

New logo for Uxbridge
The Township of Uxbridge has included an indigenous acknowedgement in the form of a feather, on it's new logo. Cards and stationary will be updated as existing stocks are replaced.

Uxbridge logo

Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts invites Musicians and Dancers to register for Trail Mix 2019
Sat. Sept 21 - noon to 3 pm.

Preparations for this year’s Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts are in high gear, with event coordinators promoting participation in this well-loved annual extravaganza. This year, the group has added a new segment called “Trail Mix,” to be held on September 22 starting at noon. Imagine a unique trail walk through Elgin Park, where all genres of the arts will be presented in a glorious outdoor setting. The Trail Mix committee, headed by Amy Peck, is looking for buskers, musicians, dancers, painters, photographers, sculptors and artists in any other genres who would like to perform and exhibit in the show.
“This is an event to celebrate our local talent and trails with a busker-style showcase through the paths of Elgin Park,” Peck says. “It will be a great outing for the entire family and it’s free! Attendants can bring a picnic, stroll through the park, and experience the wealth of talent in our community.

An outdoor celebration of the arts!” Anyone interested in performing or displaying their work should send an email to
Watch for more details to come on the Celebration of the Arts, with events running in September and early October.
And remember, to sign up to display your work or perform during Trail Mix, email
Register to perform
Follow on Instagram: trailmixuxbridge

Go to the Celebration of The Arts website

Rediscovered Art By Residential School Students Goes On Display Done 50 Years (Globe and Mail, MARCH 27, 2013

maamawi news
Photo: Chad Hipolito/The Globe and Mail
These paintings were done by students at a notorious residential school on Vancouver Island more than 50 years ago, and appear in today'sGlobe and Mail. Until recently, the artworks lay in bags and boxes in an archive, forgotten.
They were rediscovered two years ago by a field studies class at the University of Victoria. This weekend, they'll be celebrated at a repatriation ceremony in Port Alberni, B.C.
Students at the school faced abuse and difficult lives, as teachers - obeying government policy at the time - tried to suppress their culture. They were also subjected to a dorm supervisor who has since been labeled a "sexual terrorist" by Canadian courts.

maamawi news
Photo: Chad Hipolito/The Globe and Mail
But their volunteer art teacher, Robert Aller, was different.
In his memoirs, Aller criticized the treatment of kids at residential schools. And when he taught, he would push the desks aside, and bring in photos of First Nations ceremonial masks for the students to study and draw.
Aller inspired Arthur Bolton, one of the former students whose work is featured in this collection.
"He had talked to us a lot about how to memorize where you have been - you see that painting in your mind, you throw it down," Bolton told the Globe. MORE

APRIL 12/2019
Scugog Cultural Connections:
A Multi-Arts Symposium.

Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation were the main sponsor for the Multi-Arts Symposium. Scugog Council for the Arts lead the programing and thanked MSIFN for their collaborative spirit for co-hosting the event. SPARC (Supporting Performing Arts in Rural and Remote Communities) provided additional funding through their Collaborative Community Initiatives Program.

I attended this event represented MAAMAWI COLLECTIVE, and wish to thank the volunteers and organizers for their work in creating a very worthwhile event.

Opening with a smudging ceremony, offered by Matthew, helped us to settle into the “Talking Feather Circle”, we passed The Eagle Feather around the circle introducing ourselves to the group. Matthew Stevens, Ojibwe , Georgina Island First Nation, is cultural coordinator of MSIFN and he spoke of traditions and explained the connection of the drum to his songs.

A simple breakfast helped us to settle into the Speakers Forum part of the program.
Excellent information from the key-note speaker Jason Maghanoy, from his many relationships related to understanding and promoting “Your Brand and Knowing Your Audience". A series of five panelist and facilitators presented addition suggestions for promoting “Your Brand” followed by a question period.

We broke for a wonderful LUNCH served by IND/GENESIS chef Tamara, who specilizes in idigenous cuisine. We dined on roast turkey, squash and wild rice pilaf with a dessert of meringue, ginger custard and sweet grass.

The afternoon program continued with networking and group workshops. MAAMWI COLLECTIVE spoke with SPARC in relation to possible funding for ORANGE SHIRT DAY - UXBRIDGE 2019, which translates to funding for Indigenous Performers. Kim Blackwell of 4th Line Theatre outlined many aspects of ther company programing. Kim outlined their Fundraising Night’s and invited MAAMAWI COLLECTIVE to contact them to consider options for their 2020 season.

As we closed the Working Portion of the event, Matthew introduced us to THE BIG DRUM and traditional singers and dancers.

Photo Credit:Stuart Blower

Singers & Drummers:
Matthew Stevens, John Snake Nimkii Ozaawamick, Kyle Bigcanoe, Josh Janiga & Craig Brochman.

Joycee Snake - Jingle Dress, Tessa Snake - Fancy Shawl, Lesley - Northern Womens Cloth.
Ryerson Whetung - Mens Northern Traditional,

Mississaugas of the great Anishnaabeg, Curved Lake, Wikwemikong Unceded Territory, Enoch Cree Nation - Alberta, Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation, Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation.


June 30, 2018 - June 23, 2019
Drop-in Exhibition Insight tours are available every Thursday.
Ask at the front desk.

Visiting the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, I watched the video presentation “WHOSE HOME AND NATIVE LAND”, and met Sam Powless, who is RMG’s Manager of Community & Volunteer Development. Our conversation went around my introduction to the KAIROS Blanket Exercise and his beginnings in learning the language of his Haudenosaunee family, particularly when he learns a new word and then speaks it to his Grandfather and they both smile.
Chi-Miigwetch for your time, Sam.

This installation of the RMG’s permanent collection asks the question: Whose Home and Native Land? This takes into account not only the physical landscape, but those who have occupied it for thousands of years and those settlers whose traces can be measured in hundreds of years.

This has been a collaborative venture: along with RMG staff, we have met with three Indigenous community members whose responses to the collection have framed the exhibition’s content and its direction. The RMG’s collection is very Eurocentric, but also includes amazing examples of work by First Nations and Inuit artists and we continue to expand its base of work by racially diverse artists.

Produced in partnership with Reagan Kennedy, Dawn Lavell-Harvard, and Alex Ranger

The RMG is incredibly grateful to Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation for their support of this exhibition.

Watch The Video


April 9/2019

This link will take you to the description of the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteerism.

The Governor General’s award ceremony takes place every two years. Mim Harder’s award will be presented in Toronto in 2019.

Mim has lived in Uxbridge since 2000. I met Mim in 2017 at an Art’s event and am continually grateful for her help and guidance as MAAMAWI COLLECTIVE begins it’s second year.
I asked Mim if there was something she would like to add to my notes.
Mim requested that I add her words:-
“I am very humbled and honored to even have been nominated. To be awarded the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteerism is beyond anything I can comprehend.
The First Peoples of this country still live, work and play among you. We are not history.”

Shanta Elizabeth Sundarason, herself a recipient of the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers, has this message for Mim.
"Mim (Harder), I am so proud to be able to call you my true friend. You constantly go above and beyond to help bring about change through education and action. You give of yourself and of your time so freely and generously. You truly are a champion and a warrior. How amazing that you have been bestowed the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers by Her Excellency the Right Honorable Julie Payett. Congratulations!"

I’m so pleased that Pat Neal - Administrator of Uxbridge Historical Centre has noted that catalouging INDIGENOUS ITEMS will be part of the Centre's onging work as they search for an ASSISTANT TO THE CURTOR.

Did you know that each school in Durham Region has an Indigenous representative? That person is often a teacher with special interest or knowledge of indigenous subjects. Students hear a "Land Acknowledgement" on a regular basis through the Public Address systems at their school.

Uxbridge Secondary School has confirmed that they will offer acknowledgement of ORANGE SHIRT DAY in September 2019. Their event is geared mostly to grade 10 students. More details will be available as we get closer to September.

The Scugog Council for the Arts is pleased to announce that it will host a one and a half day multi-arts symposium in Port Perry, in partnership with the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation at their Health & Resource Centre on Island Road.

With a goal of increasing and developing connections between the many arts and cultural practitioners and organizations, in the Township of Scugog and nearby communities, the delegates will include performing arts practitioners and organizations, visual artists and visual arts organizations, craft guilds, arts presenters of theatre, music, visual art and special events, and members of writer’s and literary circles.

For more details…please follow this link

Mayor Dave Barton has adopted a Land Acknowledgement that is now part of the opening remarks at each regular council meeting. MAAMWI COLLECTIVE made a presented to “COUNCIL” on this topic in January 2019 and we are so pleased to see recognition of our First Peoples in our Town Hall. I understand that work is underway to create a suitable image to accompany the “Towns” logo.

This event is also associated with ANTI-BULLYING Programs . We offer our sincere appreciation for the financial support our event is attracting from UXBRIDGE MERCHANTS, SERVICE CLUBS. HEALTH CARE PRACTIONERS, EDUCATORS, REAL ESTATE AGENTS.


Bringing Home the Mohawk language,
Article by: Katsitsionhawi Hill, a 25 year old Seneca from Six Nations of the Grand River, on how a life long love led to her degree.
Why Indigenous visibility is part of the Maclean’s university... This year, our annual rankings issue draws inspiration from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action.

Post Notes:
I am honored to be invited to speak in the near future to “WE Uxbridge” and “Independent Order of the Daughters of the Empire” (IODE) about MAAMAWI COLLECTIVE and Orange Shirt Day.